Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 59 - Companion's Last Week


Hi everyone, this week has been great!  We are looking forward to a baptism next month and it is going to be a great Bolivian lady named Rufina.  We have to help her keep a couple commitments but she is doing well. 

Something I've learned throughout my mission is that when people read the Book of Mormon on a daily basis they progress spiritually.  It's a little sad though because Elder Cluff won't be able to get to see the baptism because he's going home in a week!  I'm 'killing' my companion!! (his companion goes home next week)  Crazy stuff!  Basically this week we are visiting members and everyone Elder Cluff ever taught here in Vilafranca if we can. 

Anyway the best part of the week was probably Sunday.  I can't tell you why but it was super spiritual!  They released the new goals for the area and they are very simple but are achievable.  I'd like to invite you all to do the same back at home.  Invite a friend to church, become spiritually and temporally self sufficient, and take a name of one ancestor to the temple.  Super solid.  Basically any goal you set and achieve is a good goal! 

Hope you all have a great week and have fun!

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