Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 58 - Conference


Buenas!  Hi everyone, this week has been really fun! 
This Thursday and Friday we had a Specialized Training meeting for missionaries.  Both days the conference was 6 hours long more or less.  It was rather long but it was so spiritually uplifting.  The highlight of this week was actually when Elder Cluff and I had to put together the class for the Elders Quorum in 5 minutes for church.  The lesson was about being happy through difficult times.  It was a very good reminder for me.  The biggest thing that impacted me from the lesson was the fact that being happy is our own personal decision. 
A great example of this is one of the members in the ward here in Vilafranca.  He is the Patriarch and is the owner of a Nescafé factory (a coffee making factory, ironic huh?) and but is very humble.  A couple months ago he showed up to his work with his wife and they were both late.  The employees (several of which are members here) asked him what had happened and his wife shakenly replied that somebody had set their new car on fire.  Now without a car they had made it to work and without missing a beat the Patriarch kept on working like normal and was even singing Hymns with a big smile on his face!  His example impacted many people in the ward and reminded me that the best way to be happy in this life is to keep an Eternal Perspective. 
So for all of you back home, I'd like to invite you all to be happier this week.  I'm definitely going to try and change it up so I know you guys can as well!  Have a great week!

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