Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 94 - Success in Vilafranca


The investigators in my area are starting to do better and we're finding more people to teach.  Overall, my area is improving. A lady I taught back in Vilafranca got baptized this week so that's super great, overall I'm excited to be here at this time.

This week we did two intercambios and I went to Tarragona for one of them and it's nice that I have served in some of the wards where there are really old Spanish members because it helps me relate with people wherever I go.  Next week we have leadership council so it will be great to see President Dayton and a lot of my friends next week.

Have a great week!
Elder Jonson

Tikal and Elder Latteier as part of the Primary Program
Zone Meeting

Week 93 - The Savior's Love


The idea for the video we did last week came from Elder Tyson.  He is a new Elder who lives in our piso who is in his training right now. He was the student body president at Westlake. He gave us the idea and we all choreographed the day before during mediodia.  It was really funny. Hermana Dayton is going to try and post it on the mission website. The goal for the zone is to have every companionship baptize at least one person this month. It got people excited but we still haven't had any baptisms in the zone this month. 

I gave a talk yesterday in Sacrament Meeting which was prepared at the last moment after having started writing the talk over several times. I talked about love for the savior. It went well, or so I was told. 

Hope all is well!

Elder Jonson
Dinner with a family from Argentina
 Elders from Tikal's piso (Latteier, Caetano, Tyson)

Bowling Scores from p-Day
Not sure which one is Papi, Bad Kid or Mild Sauce - Pretty sure that Tikal is "Jonson"
Elders Latteier and Tyson at the bowling alley

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 92 - Synchronized Swimming


This week has been about the same I had to write stuff that happened down because I would start writing and forget about it. Sometimes it is just so hard to find time to write. I'm literally on the phone for about 30-40 minutes every night and doing zone stuff for another 10-20 minutes then I brush my teeth and go to bed. It's nuts.

Random note I'm speaking next week and once again I'm the last talk...with an open theme. Last week we were able to find some family trees of a recent convert and her nonmember husband. So that was really good and exciting for them.

We did a skit this month for the presentation of the new goals for the zone. It was Synchronized was funny. (we will try to upload a copy - it really was pretty funny - below you can see a picture of them in their swim caps)

Leadership Council

 Zone Skit to Introduce the Monthly Goals for the Zone

Week 91 - General Conference & Contacting


This month, President decided to change concilio (mission leadership council) to Tuesday and left our preparation day on Monday, so our week is a little different than we had planned. All is good here, we just are getting used to the new changes in the zone and the new companionships that we have in the zone.  I've been a bit sick this last week so hopefully I can sleep it off today. 

On Tuesday night we got to take out new missionaries and it was great I had two of them with me and we saw a miracle when I had the new missionaries contact someone we ended up teaching them all about the restoration and she said that she would be baptized if she knew that what we taught was true we are going to visit her this week so that will be incredible. I'm excited to see how she progresses. We left her with a copy of the Book of Mormon so hopefully she's read a little bit. Who knows we could have a baptism coming up!
Conference was great I really loved the talks and learned a lot, I'm going to be studying them out a bit more this week. I hope all is well at home have a great week!

Watching General Conference

Week 90 - Transfers

We had a rough week this past week as my companion was kind of sick.  He then was called to be the new assistant to the president, so this week my companion was transferred to the office and I got my new companion, Elder Latteier.  He is from Holladay, Utah, and I'm super excited to be with him! I know him from when I was in Santander so it's nothing too crazy to be with him. He's a great missionary so we're going to see miracles in our area and in the zone. 
This week went well we said goodbye to some members with elder Dunn and we're starting from zero basically in our area again. Tonight we get to take two new missionaries out with us.  They do not receive their trainers until tomorrow so we get to give them their first true proselytizing experiences tonight.

With Elder Latteier


Week 89 - Another Busy Week


This week was good, we had zone conference so we had to plan it out and get all the pizzas ordered (18) for the conference and it was a pretty edifying conference we talked about investigators coming to church and it was fun. We had to give a ten minute part in the conference and it worked out well, we talked about living the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was pretty good! 
It was kind of a week that just blurred together. We visited a lot of district meetings last week to keep them going good. We are working to get our districts excited about the work.  We have a few missionaries that are struggling so we have been working specifically with them.  I got to go see Vilafranca again as part of our visits to the district meetings, which was good.
In our ward here in Hospitalet, we have members from all over the world, but especially from Ecuador.  Since Hospitalet is basically part of Barcelona, we use the metro to get around most days, especially since our Piso is not in our area.  Our Piso is great – probably the best one I have had since I have been in Spain.  Thanks to everyone that has written.   It is really nice to hear from each of you.


Zone Sports Activity