Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 92 - Synchronized Swimming


This week has been about the same I had to write stuff that happened down because I would start writing and forget about it. Sometimes it is just so hard to find time to write. I'm literally on the phone for about 30-40 minutes every night and doing zone stuff for another 10-20 minutes then I brush my teeth and go to bed. It's nuts.

Random note I'm speaking next week and once again I'm the last talk...with an open theme. Last week we were able to find some family trees of a recent convert and her nonmember husband. So that was really good and exciting for them.

We did a skit this month for the presentation of the new goals for the zone. It was Synchronized was funny. (we will try to upload a copy - it really was pretty funny - below you can see a picture of them in their swim caps)

Leadership Council

 Zone Skit to Introduce the Monthly Goals for the Zone

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