Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pictures from Menorca

 A New Convert Making Paella for the Missionaries
 Tikal & Elder Dixon with the Gough Family from Ireland
(Tikal and his companion translated into English the church meetings for them)
Menorca at Dusk

Week 28

Hi everyone!  This week has been great!  The highlight of the week was I got to work with my trainer again!!!  He got to fly out to Menorca and spend a day out here with Elder Dixon and I!!  It was so much fun to see work with him after a transfer just to have a different perspective!  Also this week Elder Dixon and I tried to make brownies....and we'll just say the key word here is "tried" we'll get there though!  And to top it all off!  We had more tourists in church!!  It is always a lot of fun to have them in church because they speak English!  I actually had to translate for them durning sacrament meeting, so that was good practice for my spanish!  Anyway don't have a lot of time as usual, but remember to read the Book of Mormon.  We have a phrase here in the mission called "OLA" pronounced like Hola and it stands for Orar (Pray), Leer (Read), and Asistir (Come to Church) anyone who does these three things will be blessed a ton!!  Have a great week!
Con Amor,
Elder Jonson
Letters and Packages:
C/Calatrava 10-12 Bajos
Barcelona 08017

Week 27

First to start off, here is an exerpt from my letter to President this week: This week we saw an incredible miracle.  We were having a Noche de Hogar with Hermana Alejandra and some investigators and we taught a simple lesson on Prophets.  We played the "hot and cold" game with the kids and had one of the investigators be the guide for them.  The lesson really got through to him, just because we involved him I think.  After that we were closing up and Alejandra's daughter Jade, reminded us that we had forgotten to ask if anyone had questions.  So we asked and Yulmira, a great investigator, asked a question about a phrase she had heard the Branch President say.  So instead of ending the lesson there we talked about dispensations and the restoration for the next 20 minutes!  It was incredible!  The Spirit was so strong.  I learned something from that lesson.  We as missionaries aren't teaching to teach, we are teaching to invite the Spirit to teach.  When the Spirit teaches the lesson, people learn.  I've noticed that miracles always seem to happen on Mondays for me! #MiracleMondays
This island here is so amazing, we see so many miracles!!  Now for the crazy story.  Yesterday we were studying at 9 in the morning before going to the church down the street that starts at ten.  At 9:15 we get a call from the Branch President asking us if we could give talks in sacrament meeting...WOAH:  So we rushed around trying to prepare a talk, then run down to the church and set up all the chairs and the sacrament.  We ran down got everything set up and started the meeting.  The Clarks were in Barcelona, so I had to play the piano and then Elder Dixon and President Medranda (the branch president) blessed the sacrament.  It was crazy!  Then Elder Dixon and I got up and gave our talks and they went well.  The nice thing about being in a branch is that you don't have to talk in front of too many people!  Anyway no time as usual love you all have a great week!  Soccer is amazing and the Church is true!
Con Amor,
Elder Jonson

Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 26 (Woah! 6 Months)

That's right today is my 6 month mark, super weird.  I really am loving the mission and it scares me that 6 months went by so fast!  The members here in Menorca are the best!!  The mission is incredible!
Anyway, how are you all?  I'm great!  Although the US lost in the World Cup it's ok.  Life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone!
Last week was the 4th of July and we actually got to celebrate it because an American member who is living here has his birthday on the 4th so we had a little party and I made that cake that you sent me mom, finally...It turned out really well!!  I really don't have a ton of time this week but I'd like to let all of you know that the Balearic islands are the best, and that the Church is true.  And that people who read the Book of Mormon get baptized and/or stay active in the church.  Basically that means read the book!  Love you all!

Con Amor,

Elder Jonson

Week 25 (Week 2 in Exile - with Miracles)

Hello everyone!!  This week has been fantastic out here on our little island of Menorca.  Elder Dixon and I are killing it out here!  We hit Pautas!!!  AKA Standards of Excellence in other missions, we had 12 Member Present Lessons, 7 investigators in church, and 6 new investigators!!  Pretty dang good for our first week alone on an island! 

We saw so many little miracles this week!   One of my favorites was with the baptismal service of the Branch President's daughter. The Branch President lives in a pueblo about 40 minutes away and the baptismal font (aka small pool) takes 3 hours roughly to fill, so he asked us to fill it for him. We agreed to fill it although we had never done it before (seeing as Elder Dixon and I have only been here for a transfer). Last week before he left, Elder Neumiller gave me a crash course on filling the font and we hoped that'd work. Here to get hot water, we have to turn on the instant water heater outside that runs on butane and use the hose to fill the pool. We started it up but the water heater flame wasn't igniting. Cold water was coming out, we called everyone and nobody knew what to do. Eventually, the Branch President just told us to go with cold water. We started filling the font, but we decided to keep trying. Elder Dixon and I decided to say a prayer and ask for help in whatever way needed to get warm water. We kept calling members, and during this time I kept turning the water heater on and off over and over to try to get the flame to ignite. Finally, as I walked toward the door to go get bottles to fill with boiling water from piso, I asked Elder Dixon to try one more time before we left. He pressed the button and with a loud boom the flame ignited and hot water started coming out! We were so excited and we immediately said a prayer to thank Heavenly Father. It was something so simple but it made the baptism of a young 8 year old girl more spiritual. It also strengthened my testimony of prayer even more.

This week has turned around so much!  I started the week feeling nervous about the large task of being one of two proselyting missionaries on an ISLAND but ended by feeling successful for the week.  It is amazing how the Lord builds us up through trials!  Well I've got to go, rushed as always, but remember to stay positive and work hard and the Lord will bless you!!

Con Amor,
Elder Jonson