Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Week 27

First to start off, here is an exerpt from my letter to President this week: This week we saw an incredible miracle.  We were having a Noche de Hogar with Hermana Alejandra and some investigators and we taught a simple lesson on Prophets.  We played the "hot and cold" game with the kids and had one of the investigators be the guide for them.  The lesson really got through to him, just because we involved him I think.  After that we were closing up and Alejandra's daughter Jade, reminded us that we had forgotten to ask if anyone had questions.  So we asked and Yulmira, a great investigator, asked a question about a phrase she had heard the Branch President say.  So instead of ending the lesson there we talked about dispensations and the restoration for the next 20 minutes!  It was incredible!  The Spirit was so strong.  I learned something from that lesson.  We as missionaries aren't teaching to teach, we are teaching to invite the Spirit to teach.  When the Spirit teaches the lesson, people learn.  I've noticed that miracles always seem to happen on Mondays for me! #MiracleMondays
This island here is so amazing, we see so many miracles!!  Now for the crazy story.  Yesterday we were studying at 9 in the morning before going to the church down the street that starts at ten.  At 9:15 we get a call from the Branch President asking us if we could give talks in sacrament meeting...WOAH:  So we rushed around trying to prepare a talk, then run down to the church and set up all the chairs and the sacrament.  We ran down got everything set up and started the meeting.  The Clarks were in Barcelona, so I had to play the piano and then Elder Dixon and President Medranda (the branch president) blessed the sacrament.  It was crazy!  Then Elder Dixon and I got up and gave our talks and they went well.  The nice thing about being in a branch is that you don't have to talk in front of too many people!  Anyway no time as usual love you all have a great week!  Soccer is amazing and the Church is true!
Con Amor,
Elder Jonson

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