Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 98 - Sick


No letter from Tikal this week.  He was sick on P-Day but he did send the attached video clip.

Week 97 - Training and Progress


My week has been good. This week one of the miracles we saw was with our investigator Yuri. We've been talking to him for a couple weeks off and on and trying to help him understand that he too can believe that Jesus Christ is our savior and the son of God. So on Saturday we saw him working and went to talk to him, and he told us that he wanted to try the "baptism thing." We sat there rather stunned as he explained that he really loves the way he feels in the church and with the members and said he'd like to give it a shot. He wants to know if it is true and he is already showing real intent, so we're going to set a fecha (baptismal date) with him this week. I'm super excited!!! Por fin baptism!
Other than that all is swell, hearing a lot about the Paris attacks, but not worried at all, you know how I am. Tomorrow we have Specialized Training then on Wednesday a Special Conference with members of the quorum of the Seventies, so that should be good! Good looking week this week!

Elder Jonson

Tikal with the Elders from his piso
Elders Latteier, Stratton and Tyson

At a ward BBQ

Week 96 - Extending for Eight Additional Weeks


I prayed about extending and I received my answer to stay.  I am super excited about the opportunity to serve a little longer. I'm sorry if it causes problems, but I'm sure there's a bigger thing going on in the Lords plan. I know there's something else I need to do, someone else I need to help. I'll be entirely honest and say I didn't feel comfortable at all with the December date, so I changed it. I'm happy to be serving the Lord as a missionary in Barcelona, Spain. My new release date will be February 3rd, 2016. As for my visa, I've been illegal here in Spain since last January, so I'm not too worried about it, the office should be working on it.

In regards to missionary work, my area is hard, pretty much all Spanish people. The work is slowly starting to improve, we mostly contact in the street, sometime knock doors and now are starting to get a couple references from members every once and awhile.

Well with Maddi Wheadon's companion (Maddi is from our home ward in Lehi.  She served a Spanish speaking mission in Kansas), she's in my ward here in Hospitalet and she asked me where I was from and then asked if I knew Maddi when I said I was from Lehi. Maddi was her trainer.  Work goes on, I'm happy, healthy and loving life. Hope all is well at home. 

Tikal with Maddi's Companion

Tikal found a picture of the Mayan Temple of "Tikal "in an old Liahona magazine

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 95 - Stake Conference and Leadership Council


This week we had stake conference. In the Sunday session they gave us free pens! It was great!, different, but great!  I can always use a free pen.  During the conference, my companion and I had to translate for a British guy who was there. That was interesting. I never realized how much people mumbled until then. I can translate from English to Spanish but Spanish to English is rough.
Right now in Spain it feels like September in Utah. So that's not too bad. It gets pretty chilly sometimes because of the humidity though.
Yesterday was concilio (Leadership Council).  It was good.  It is great to be with President Dayton and the other missionaries. Anyway my week was a bit longer and rougher but that's ok this week will be better. Always is. 

Elder Jonson
 Leadership Council
 Tikal was impressed with the Ward Mission Leader's
ability to park his truck in a space so small.

 Halloween with Elder Latteier and some members
 Tikal selfie
Logo their zone is using for their monthly baptismal goal

Video - Synchronized Swimming Skit

Here is the video of the skit that Tikal and Elders Latteier, Caetano and Tyson did to introduce the Zone's Baptism goal for the month - It is worth watching.