Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 54 In for the kill


In for the kill.
Well this week was transfers, and I'm going to be staying here in Vilafranca with Elder Cluff for his last transfer of the mission.  To use mission slang, I will be "killing" him.[Tikal will be his last companion before he goes home.]  In other news, we got to see a huge step in the growth of the church here in Spain.  Yesterday at church we received the news that as a ward here in Vilafranca our request for permission to begin progress on constructing a church building here has been accepted!  We are currently meeting in the bottom floor of an apartment building, it's a good size, but sacrament meeting gets rather crammed when we have more than 75 people in church....we have an average of 80.  The work here in Vilafranca is progressing and we'll see success in the next month or so.  For the picture of the week, it is Elder Cluff and I eating African food.  Serving in Spain is the best, it’s like I'm serving in every part of the world at the same time!  Also this week I had to speak in church.  The topic I was given was very directed at the members.  It was the Work of Salvation.  It was a super solid topic and I hope it reached the members so they can help us with the work.  Now for all of you back home, be sure to help out the missionaries in your wards by sharing the gospel with your friends, family or coworkers.  It’s something as simple as saying, “Oh hey I know this guy who's on a mission in Spain...”  Then they will obviously ask why he is there and then you can start a conversation about the church.  This week I invite you all to take the opportunity to share the gospel with someone, and you can do it without talking about Elder Jonson if you want.  Anyway hope you all have a great week and see many miracles!  

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