Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 57 - SNOW!

Hey everyone!  This week in Vilafranca was great!  I've been a bit sick the past week but the work still goes on.  To give a recap of the week last Preparation Day we did something really fun!  We went to Barcelona and rented bikes and rode around the port and tourist area.   I had a lot of fun!  Lately we have been going to the park during the week and have been playing basketball with some teenagers there.  We do pretty well and we got a member to come with us.  Now every time we come, they send out a text to all the guys who normally come to play that says, "Los Mormones vienen, tenemos partido." Which translated means "The Mormons are coming, we've got a game."  We are getting the word out little by little here in Vilafranca.  This week I also got to show one of the Recent Converts here how to play keep-away in soccer...He and I are pretty good friends now.  So not this week but next week we are looking at a baptism of a Bolivian lady named Rufina.  She was going to get baptized this week but can't come to church to get confirmed on Sunday so we are going to help her get baptized on the following weekend.  So that’s pretty much been my week and I'll finish it off with some pictures.

Oh also referring to the subject line, it SNOWED in Vilafranca!!!!  I thought I wouldn't see it during my mission but there it is!

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