Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 62 - The Prodigal Son


This week was good, honestly there's nothing to complain about while in the mission. 

So on our way to the internet café today, we had a miracle. We ran into our recent convert Alberto!!  He got a job in another city, his phone broke and he moved so we lost contact with him for 2 almost 3 WEEKS!!!  We were walking along, and he crossed the street in front of us, he kind of stopped and looked at us for a second and we looked at him and then we both got really excited!!!  He ran over and gave me a hug and jumped around while hugging me!  It was the best feeling in the world, the whole father falling upon the neck of his prodigal son parable makes a lot more sense to me now. That basically made my day though! 

As always I don't have a lot of time but I'd like to remind you all to keep the commandments because they really bring true happiness!

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