Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 64 - The Miracles Just Keep on Coming


This week has been full of miracles!!! To start off, on Wednesday during language study, our phone rang. I answered it and it was a lady who I had called about two weeks ago. This reference goes back about 2 months because when we first called this lady (Monica) she said she didn't have time but maybe she would in a month. So, exactly one month later, I called her and she said that she didn't have time, that she wasn't really interested, and if she was interested she'd give us a call. Well, when she called us she apologized for being so "cold" on the phone and told us that she has a boyfriend who doesn't like religious things, and that the first time we called he was nearby listening and they ended up getting in a fight. She then explained that the second time we called, he was there again and she didn't want it to seem like she was interested. She continued on saying that she's trying to get separated from her boyfriend and would really like us to visit the next week (this week). It came absolutely out of nowhere! It was incredible! So that was miracle number one. 

Number two has to do with our golden investigator named "Lana".  Her real name is Svetlana.  She is 17 years old and is from Ukraine. The bishop invited her family to English class and her mom came and dropped her off. After English class we had a missionary sponsored Family Home Evening night in the church and the sister missionaries shared a short message. It was super good.  That was last Saturday.  She came to church the next day and LOVED IT. The Young Women took her in so well. We then had the opportunity to invite her to a Family Home Evening with a bunch of ward members and we taught about prophets. In the lesson we set up an example of trying to follow the prophet among false prophets. Elder Male an I told the group two different places where a piece of paper was hidden in the home and one other member said where it was actually hidden. The group guessed and looked in all three places and eventually found the piece of paper which said "felicidad" (happiness) on it. The prize was a Milka chocolate bar. As the lesson ended we asked for any questions and Lana asked, "So how can we know who to follow?" From that point on it turned into a testimony meeting on feeling the spirit and it was astounding how strong the spirit was in that lesson. In the middle of the lesson I turned to Lana and said, "what you are feeling right now, is the spirit." It was such a powerful lesson.
Miracle Three. Two days later as English Class was ending, Lana asked, "Why do you missionaries have so many rules, and what are some of them?" We explained a couple of the rules we have and why we have them. After a couple minute explanation we were somehow talking about prophets and general conference. From there we talked about all the rules we have again and basically explained every commandment.  From there we taught about the Restoration, the Book of Mormon and it's importance, and the organization of the church....about an hour later. She asked if she could have her own hard copy of the Book of Mormon because she had already started reading it on the Gospel Library App on her phone. Rather in shock we gave her one and invited her to church the next day.

Miracle 4. For some reason or another she couldn't come to church in the morning, but came to the fireside with President and Hermana Pace in the afternoon. She told us, "I was up all last night reading and I couldn't stop crying as I read!  I love the Book of Mormon!" I asked how far she had gotten and she responded that she had made it to page 33 (1 Nephi 14) already....Honestly, some people are beyond prepared....my mind is blown by the blessings of the Lord.

As you all can see from the miracles, the work of the Lord is progressing here in Vilafranca!  If we are obedient in everything and give our best the Lord will bless us!  I hope you all have a great week and enjoy GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!

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