Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 76 - Nuevos!!!


This week we saw a fantastic miracle. As a district we were struggling on finding new amigos to teach, so in district meeting we set a goal to find 16 new investigators as a district this last week. We worked hard all week and found 16 new people to teach before sending numbers.  Three of which were not found until Sunday evening. It was incredible to see faith turn into action and to see the results. I promised the district three baptisms in the month of July if we got the goal so we're going to keep working hard and see that miracle too! I'm loving how much the work is progressing here in Santander!

We didn't have a baptism this week because our investigator has been working so we are going to see if we can't get him baptized in one of the coming weeks.  However, we have another investigator who is still progressing like a champ. I think she's from Ecuador but has lived in Europe for awhile (Italy and Spain). She lives with her grandma and her aunt is a member so she comes with her every week. Her mom was working in Italy but just got here for vacation. Her dad is living in the United States, in New York. She's super great though.

The work here in Santander is fantastic and we are getting closer and closer to white (aka baptism) so I can't wait to send more pictures, but for now this picture of my new haircut that I received from a member here in Santander will have to do.

Have a great week!