Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 71 - Tibidabo and Miracles


This week has been good, but my favorite parts were the beginning and the end. 

At the beginning we went to visit a Catholic church on top of the mountain that overlooks Barcelona.  It's called Tibidabo.  Last preparation day we went with the other Elders in our district and we were looking around and enjoying being tourists for a moment.  We had to pay for the train ticket up and back which for missionaries was quite expensive but worth it.  We enjoyed the view first and then went into the church.  As we were inside a Catholic Priest came over to us and started talking to us about Tibidabo and how old it was and the paintings and all that jazz.  We politely listened and thanked him as he walked away.  We then walked toward the elevator which takes you up to the next level of the the church where you can get up to the giant statue of Jesus on top.  As we walked over the Priest came over again and asked us if we were going to take the elevator up.  We responded that we were and he then stated that as missionaries we probably didn't have a lot of money so he gave the 4 of us a free ride up in the elevator!!!  It was so neat!!!  I love the random blessings of the lord! 

Then the end of the week we were talking to the Bishop here in Vilafranca and he challenged us to bring 3 MIRACLE STORIES to him next sunday.  Not just miracle stories, but MIRACLE STORIES.  It was a great reminder that we are entitled to miracles as missionaries and members of this church we just need to put the effort in and have the faith.  So I'd like to extend the same invitation to you all, write me 3 MIRACLE STORIES that have happend in the past week to each of you.  I hope you all have a great week and remember that Tuesday the 19th is my Birthday!!! 

Love you all

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