Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 74 - Santander & Ipads


This week has been great, I love my new area and I'm getting to know the people better and better.  This week I have seen the miracles that come from an invitation.  The sister missionaries had our ward mission leader invite the Ward Council members here to identify the people who have recently had a baby, a death in the family or recently moved so that we could pass by and visit them with some cookies or something and a Book of Mormon.  Immediately after Ward Council we went out to visit an investiagtor with the Ward Secretary and he said that he had several people he was going to have us pass by!  Now when we go visit these people we'll really complete the promise of D&C Section 4 "...ASK and ye shall receive, KNOCK and it shall be opened unto you.  Amen."

Oh on another note, the three missions in Spain GOT iPAD MINIS this last week!!!!  Each missionary gets an iPad that will be returned to the mission at the end of their service but it's pretty neat having it to help in lessons! I feel so technologically advanced!  Haha but really though, it's a lot of trust that the first presidency puts in the missionaries.

On the investigator front we have a couple people who are getting really close to baptism and we are super excited for them!!!  Santander is growing poco a poco (little by little)!! 

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