Sunday, June 21, 2015

Week 75 - Closer to white


This week in Santander has been wonderful. We're looking at a baptism this weekend if everything works out.  We have this friend investigating the church named Eloi and when we were teaching him we realized that he had a problem with smoking. We taught the Word of Wisdom and he told us that he's wanted to quit smoking for a long time but he wanted more of a reason to. So we invited him to stop smoking by smoking two less cigarettes a day. I called him a day or so later to see how he was doing and he said that he wanted to stop smoking still so we set a visit for that Saturday. When we got to the visit we asked him how many cigarettes he was smoking now and he told us, "well I haven't smoked AT ALL in 3 days." We kind of sat there for a second mouths open, and then congratulated him for his efforts! He is such a great guy! 

We're getting closer and closer to a baptism, the weather even wants us to baptize. It's been raining off and on for the last couple days, but I take it as a sign. 

Another investigator that we are teaching is a South American girl named Melannie. She is progressing well. She's more active than some members.

This week we had our last conference with the Pace's and it was very nice. We talked about the importance of the sacrament.  It actually doesn't renew our covenants but reminds us of the convents we have made. The covenants we make are eternal so the don't really need renewing but they need remembering otherwise it doesn't work. I thought that was interesting.

I hope you're all doing well and have a
fantastic week!

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