Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 81 - References are Great


This week was a little bit rough for us just because we are in the finding process again, by the end of the week a lot of our investigators decided to stop progressing. But that's ok because we found a great lady from a member reference. This lady named Carmen works in the train station and the old bishop's wife would go and talk to her about the gospel. She gave us the reference when she came to visit Santander about a month ago, and we just couldn't go out to the pueblo where she worked because we had so many things happening at once. But with a slower week we got out there and she was superb. We taught her the restoration and answered some questions about the plan of salvation and she told us that she wanted to come to church this next week!! She's so great.

Overall we're improving here in Santander and my companion Elder González is great!!

Foto we went to the Magdalena palace again for preparation day.

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