Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 80 - BAPTISM!!!


This week Melannie got baptized! Melannie is a perfect example of how missionary work should be done.  Melannie's aunt is a member and about two to three months ago, she started bringing Melannie to church on Sunday.

We began teaching her in the house of another member who is one of her friends. As we progressed, we began teaching in her in her own house with that same member friend and others. We also brought another member to the visits named Luis.  At the beginning we brought him just to be able to teach in a house with only women, (there has to be a man in a house before we can go in as missionaries) but he was able to answer many of the questions that she had. It got to the point where in almost every lesson we had one of Melannie's member friends (often invited by Melannie) AND Luis.

We helped Melannie grow spiritually and helped her testimony gain strength and although she doesn't like talking in front of a bunch of people she got up and bore an incredible testimony. I've gotten to see her progress from day one thanks to transfers and got to see the blessings of working with the members.  Baptism is the best!!

Tikal & Elder Gonzales at Melannie's Baptism

Celebrating with the sister missionaries, Melannie and her cousin
at Burger King after the baptism
 View looking back at Camello and Sardinero beaches in Santander

With a 7 year old girl from the ward

With some members on P-Day

Tikal and Elder Gonzalez from Lima, Peru

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the new
chapel being built in Santander

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