Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 79 - Lima, Peru


On Monday night we went to Bilbao so my companion could catch his train at 6:30 AM with the other missionaries who were being transferred or going home. I then caught a train at 3:20 PM and got into Barcelona at 10:10 PM.  I spent 3 hours alone in the train.  After a couple of stops, two more missionaries who were training as well got on and went the next 4 hours with me into Barçelona.  When we got into Barçelona, we were supposed to go straight to the Assistants and Office Elders piso, but the assistants weren't home and the office elders had to go pick an elder up from the airport whose flight got delayed coming in. So we bought McDonald's and waited outside their apartment until about 12:15 am, when they finally got home. The next day the assistants and office elders got up early to go do stuff with transfers and Elder Sedgwick (one of the missionaries who got on the train after 3 hours) and I had to take the other elder who's flight got delayed to meet up with his companion at 9. His name was Elder Johnson ironically. Anyway we got him off and then went to the mission home and had a training-the-trainers meeting. We then got to meet all the new missionaries, and have lunch in the mission home.

My new companion is Elder González, he's from Lima, Peru.  He is the only member of the church in his family, he is 24 years old, and he plays the piano super well and speaks English. We try to speak Spanish in the street and English in piso.  We're getting along well and he's a good missionary. Fun fact, I've been a missionary for more time than he's been a member. He was baptized three days AFTER I entered the MTC.  We have two baptisms planned for this weekend. I am so excited! It should be a great week.

Lately, I've started saying y'all. It's what happens when the only other Utahan in our district is Elder Vickery from St George who says it all the time. Overall really good week.

A home/castle of the Spanish King and Queen in Santander

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