Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 37 - Sabadell

Well hello everyone!  This week has been fantastic!  It has been a bit of an adjusting week just because we don't know our area at we now know that we have a university in our area and two big cities that have a large population of the students that attend that university...It will be really fun talking to a bunch of people my age!  The ward here in my new area of Sabadell is incredible!!  Sabadell is about an hour outside of Barcelona in train and is still a part of Catalunya.  So everyone speaks Catalán.  There are a bunch more people here and stores!!!!  Last week was full of paper work but we still saw miracles so this week out on the street is going to be stupendous! 

Funny story from the week, I get to my piso the second night and guess who is there.  That's right the one Elder from my stake in this mission, ELDER SKOUSEN!!!!!  I get to talk to him all the time and he is such a stud!  The four Missionaries in this ward here are going to kill it!!!  I'm pumped!!!  This week I read something neat in the scriptures.  I was in the Book of Mormon and found one of my favorite scriptures, that reads, "O be wise, what can I say more?"  So people.  BE WISE this week!  Keep the commandments and follow the will of the Lord and everything will work out just fine!
Have a great week!
PS My Dad is the best he ordered me a Sabadell FC Jersey and Tie online last week right after finding out I got transferred here and I feel like a boss wearing them.
Con Amor,
Elder Jonson
Letters and Packages:
C/Calatrava 10-12 Bajos
Barcelona 08017

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