Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 35 - Fiestas not Siestas here in Menorca

Well this week has been fun!  Got a package from home!!  Good stuff, thanks Mom and Dad!  Also we got to go to Palma for two days for Enfoque and for Zone Conference.  We got to go on splits with the missionaries there and I got to work in my old district for an evening!  I got to talk with a ton of the members there that I knew and at this point in my mission I could actually talk to them!!!  It was a blast!!
However the crazy part of the week started yesterday....Sunday was the official start of the Fiestas de Maó to end the summer!  They have a tradition dancing horse parade that goes around the entire city and they have all kinds of carnivals and crazy stuff.  A.K.A. Good luck Elders... Last night we went out to work it was so packed that we just spent our time trying to get back to our apartment...interesting stuff!  I don't think I've seen so many drunk people!  So wish me luck and we'll see if we can pick up some new investigators from this!!
The pictures attached are from sunday night and the morning gathering not even the show!
Also as a Mission and all the members in the area are starting the Book of Mormon from the beginning and reading 2-3 chapters a day so that we can finish by the end of the year!  I would like to invite all of you to do the same and focus on the testimonies, lessons, and attributes of Christ!  I promise you'll recieve many insights by doing this!
Con Amor,
Elder Jonson

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