Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 33 Fixing Stuff

Aug. 25th 2014

This week has been fun!  We got to see two different lighthouses on the island and a bunch of other fun stuff for our Preparation days!  This week has been fun!  I've been learning all kinds of stuff!  This week we got to serve one of the recent converts here in the branch!  We went and worked on cleaning up Manuel's (the member) field.  And we got to fill in some scrapes on his car with stuff!! [See picture]  Great experiences!!  Honestly the people here in Menorca who come regularly are some of the strongest members in the world!!!
I'm so thankful to be here and hope you all come visit this island someday and enjoy it as much as I have!  
This week I have been studying Alma 5 and it is a great chapter for all the members and non members of the church.  I invite you all to study it and apply it to your lives.  Have a great week!  

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