Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Week 19, Menorca

[This is week 19 on Tikal's 19th birthday on May 19th.  Crazy!]

Well hello everyone!  Hope you all are doing well!  This week has been different but great!  I got to explore my new area a bit with my new companion Elder Neumiller!  He's a great guy and is actually an inch shorter than me...weird stuff!  I'm getting along with him really well!  The area is a little bit different than my last one, mostly due to the fact that there aren't nearly as many people!  But either way it's fun!
This last week has been full of fun experiences!  In one week I knocked more doors than I ever had in my entire life!  We found some great people and hopefully will be able to dig out some success!  In church last week we had an about average attendance of 35 in Sacrament meeting.  A kind of crazy thing to think about is that on the entire island, I am one of 6 worthy Melchezidek priesthood holders...and 5 of those are missionaries...crazy stuff!
This is such a unique experience I have and I love it so much!!  I'm learning a lot and I can't wait to get to know all the members here better!

A little about the island.  It has two main cities, and the church and the Elders are in the city Maó (in Menorquin) or Mahón (in Spanish).  This island is where Mayo comes from!!  It is very windy here during the winter but is very hot during the summer!  It is super pretty and feels a lot more Spanish than my last area!  There also aren't as many people from Africa or Asia here...anyway I can't wait to baptize the crap out of people here!     [I wanted to edit that sooo badly, but those are his words!]

Hope you all have a great week!
Con amor,
Elder Jonson
Letters and Packages:
C/Calatrava 10-12 Bajos
Barcelona 08017

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