Thursday, May 15, 2014

Finally, taller than his companion!

[This is a letter I thought I would include because it had a few details that his general letter didn't have.]

Hi mom,
Flew straight to Menorca at 8:15 in the morning and at 8:50 got off the plane, super cool!  Kinda windy here, but I've heard that's normal!  I'm taller than my companion Elder Neumiller which is kind of weird after having Elder Jennings.  He's a great guy!  From Mission Viejo California and is pretty cool!  Clothing is all holding up, I just flew with both my bags.[He thought he was going to have to leave one behind until a future flight]  The office worked something out.  It'll be so much fun here!  We are basically starting over in this area, so we are going to go find!!!  It'll bring lots of great experiences!!  I was told by the other Elders here that I should just have all letters sent to the office because it takes awhile for mail to get here.  I'll probably only be here for two transfers because I've already been on an island for 3 months...we'll see though!  Super excited for everything and hope you all are doing well!
Con amor,
Elder Jonson

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