Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week 17 - Happy Cinco de Mayo

Hey everyone!  How are you all?  Hopefully good, if not, always focus on the bright side of life and look for the small miracles in life. 
This past week has been rather crazy!  First, as stated last week, Jesus got a job in the Canary Islands and so he left.  Although it's not a great thought, we are beginning to think he found anti-Mormon material and used the job as an excuse...we'll see if he's still around this week.  Anyway, the point is, he didn't get baptized... :( Ah well, as missionaries, bad stuff happens but we have to focus on the positive things!  Over the past week we have been able to visit with a lot of the members and establish a better relationship with them and that has been super fun!  Last Monday we had a Family Home Evening with Los Carballo who are so great and have a son on a mission in New Jersey!  Their kids are crazy!!!!  It was fun though.

Next, as the week continued, we continued to get more and more positive.  On Wednesday, we did companionship exchanges and I was ELDER DAILEY's companion for the night!!!!  It was so much fun and we got to go teach a couple lessons together!  I have really gotten to know him better on the mission than I ever did when we were on the same soccer team!  His Spanish is really good and he testifies really well!
On Friday, we had 7 LESSONS!!!  It was so amazing, we started with only a few planned but everything just came together!!  It was amazing.  Ok I want to give some advice from a missionary's point of view.  HELP THE MISSIONARIES WITH VISITS!  Lessons go so much better with a member present!  And please help the Elders not just the Sister missionaries.  I know the Sisters are nicer but just deal with us for a bit ;)  

Saturday there was a baptismal service for the other Elders in our District and I gave my first talk in Spanish.  Went fairly well I guess, I just talked about the Holy Ghost and shared a couple scriptures. Honestly it was so much easier in Spanish than it would've been in English....

Sunday, we got to have dinner with District President (equivalent of Stake President) Barraza and his family!  They were so much fun!  They are from Argentina and have two boys and two girls.  I learned so many new soccer words in Spanish!  Anyway the point is, feed the missionaries, you get to develop great relationships with them! 

Well Preparation Day is coming to a close, and after playing volleyball for a couple hours with the other district in Palma, I'm excited to get back to work!  Hope you are all doing well and have a great week!
Con Amor,
Elder Jonson

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