Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Week 20 - Spanish Dreaming

May 26, 2014
Well hi everyone!!  How are you all doing!?  This week has been great!  I got to celebrate my birthday by going to see a light house (at Punta Nati) on the other side of the island last week! The Clarks should have sent home some pictures.[see pictures below this post]  It was so much fun!!  We are in the streets a lot here and we have a very small branch here so it's a different experience!  We had 27 in church last week which is a low for the month but we are going to get it back up.

The big accomplishment for me this week was apparently Elder Neumiller caught me talking in my sleep about mission stuff and it was in both English and SPANISH!!!  I was super proud of myself when I heard that!!  Great experience!!  Well this week we are going to be out of our area for two days for specialized training in Palma.  We fly out this Thursday! 

This island is so pretty and has so few people on it!  Which is great for future-tourist-Elder Jonson, but not so great for missionary-Elder Jonson!  The island is so great though!  The missionaries here call the island the "Lava Rock."  All normal things in the mission DON'T happen here.  So it's going to take some thinking outside of the box...I'm up for the challenge! 

Well hope you all are doing well and are enjoying life!  Just be sure to watch the World Cup for me!
Go USA!!!
Con Amor,
Elder Jonson

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