Wednesday, June 25, 2014

An exerpt of responses to Kalai's letter.

No baptisms yet but they'll get there!  During the summer we wear our suits as little as possible. We wear suits when we travel, when we have meetings and that is it.  We are wearing short sleeve white shirts right now everyday.  Long sleeve shirts are good for the winter though.  Well, we are pretty safe here in Spain, and I love it here because they have all types of people here!  Not many Mexicans though...On pisos,[apartments] Elder Dixon and I are now living in a mostly empty large 4 man piso so we have all the space in the world.  I'm waiting to buy a new suit until I can get one at a Zara store on sale (during the winter)  We teach one class every week[Sunday's] and sometimes another one.  We bless and pass the sacrament every week because people are gone, so we need those people to attend more regularly.

[I also asked him to send more every day pictures, so he sent the random Catholic procession picture below.]

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