Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 9

Wow typing "Week 9" in the subject box of this email was really weird...anyway, how are you all?!  I'm doing great, a little sore from playing basketball against the other district in Palma but great overall!  Levante district (my district) won by the way.  I guess I'll dive right into it!
So this week has been rather hard, my companion, Elder Jennings, has been sick since last Tuesday so it has been hard to get as much done as we did the week before.  But no pasa nada, we still got to see miracles that make a mission so great!  On a down note, all of our investigators who we invited to church this week, didn't come.  But we got fed by the members THREE TIMES this week!!  I had my first experience with weird food....Elder Jennings and I ate "Conejo con Cebolla," which translates to "Rabbit with Onion."  The meat wasn't bad but there were bones everywhere and I did find some organs, and a rib cage.  Honestly I probably ate some organs without realizing it...ah well its a good thing I'm not picky!
This week's letter won't be very long but I do want to talk about one of our lessons we had this week.  Elder Jennings and I went to teach Collins and Veronica on Wednesday, (They are from Nigeria and speak English) and originally we had planned to teach about the Plan of Salvation but it didn't feel right.  So we decided to talk about baptism, hard.  It really shows that when we follow the guidance of the spirit, the Lord blesses us.  That lesson was the best lesson I have ever been a part of, the Spirit was so strong and we committed both of them to be baptized!  It is one of the best feelings in the world when someone accepts a baptismal invitation!!  This experience really brightened my day and helped me press forward through the hard times!
Well tomorrow evening, we fly out for Bilbao and stay for the night and most of the next day!  I am really excited to see a different part of Spain!  Well I'm off to contact and pass investigators tonight, which is starting to become a Monday night routine but I enjoy it because amazing experiences always seem to happen.  Also we always happen to see some pretty weird stuff, so that's stupendous as well!  Well hope you all are doing well and having fun, love you all!
Con Amor,
Elder Jonson

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