Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 10

¡Hola everyone!  How are you all?  I'm doing great!  This past week we had a freaking awesome Monday night.  We finished up email at 7 and went out contacting until 10.  We ended up getting SIX lessons in three hours!!  4 of those lessons where in the street and had a return visit set up (called new investigators).  One of those visits was with an investigator who missed church last week (and this week...) but the other was a little more interesting...Two weeks ago we were passing one of our investigators and we met her friend and set up a visit with this girl.  We were passing her address and so we knocked on the door.  Well long story short, that friend is working as a prostitute and we taught a short lesson about the Book of Mormon in the lobby of a ya!  The mission brings interesting experiences...
Now onto Zone Conference.  We flew out to Bilbao for Zone Conference and it was a blast!!  When you put about 30 missionaries on the same plane it gets funny!  Anyway, Bilbao is such a beautiful city!!!  It was so green!!  I loved it!!  I hope I serve there at some point in my mission!  For Zone Conference, Elder Kearon, who is in the European Mission Presidency and is a member of the First Quorum of the 70 and gave that talk with the story about the scorpion.  He has a British accent which just made every thing he said sound even better.  He isn't a large man, but when he was speaking he seemed to fill the entire stand because he had so much power to testify.  It was amazing!!
In other news, Elder Jennings and I made brownies for some of our investigators, the missionaries in my district (myself included) sang at Zone Conference and a Funeral this past week and are singing again in Church next Sunday.  We sing a lot here...I enjoy it!!  Love you all!

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