Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 101 - Caga Tio


Right now we have a good lady from Cameroon who we are teaching.  We would love to have her get baptized around Christmastime as that is such a special time of year.  She is getting really close. In other news one of my favorite companions, Elder Male, is now in our zone so that's fun!
Today we have to set up for our Zone Conference tomorrow.  Most of the time, especially if we have new missionaries in the zone, we have Zone Conference in English. But if there are a lot of natives in our zone we speak in Spanish.  This week we will most likely do the meeting in Spanish. 

That big Elder from last week’s photos is in his second transfer in the field.  I think he weighs close to 300 lbs. He is a big kid.
Picture of Tikal in the Subway

The picture below is of me posing as Caga Tio.  It is a little log with a smiley face wearing a traditional Catalan hat.  The translation is "poo log".  Beginning on the 8th of December, kids cover their caga tio to keep it warm and feed it every night so that on Chrismas Eve it will poop out gifts and treats for the kids. 

 Caga Tio

Tikal Dressed as Caga Tio

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