Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 70 - Meetings, Meetings, Meetings


Hey everyone!  This week has been good, but full of meetings, it felt like we were out of our area for half the week!  But we still managed to see success and spread the gospel!! 

This week we had two General Authorities come and talk about Missionary Work in the Digital Age.  They basically give us a foundational preview covering the purposes and guidelines for using iPads in our missionary work.  So that was neat! 

But the great thing we got to do this week was talk to Lana.  She has currently read up to Mosiah in the Book of Mormon and has the goal to finish the Book of Mormon by next week!  She is incredible.  Elder Male and I are having a great time and the members here in Vilafranca are the best. 

Overall this has been a good week and I can't wait to get going into this week!!!  Hope you all are doing well and those of you who have missionaries out serving or are serving, enjoyed Skyping on Mother's Day, because I sure did!  Anyway have a great week everyone!

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