Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 67 - Manel


This week has been good; we saw a great miracle with working with a member.  We took a member named Manel, with us to visit a lady in a pueblo whose boyfriend isn't very religious, so we've visited her while he was working. Anyway we were waiting for her to get back from walking her dogs and this young guy walked by; he stopped a little ways off and looked at us from a distance. Manel, noticed him staring and soon the guy came over.  He asked who we were and we responded we were missionaries. Manel then looked at me and asked if the Book of Mormon I was holding in my hand was a giveaway copy. I replied yes and he snatched it from my hand and gave it to this guy named Xavi. Manel then went on to explain what the Book of Mormon was. Just at that moment the lady who we were going to visit walked up and said, “Hi Xavi, these guys are really nice and the can help you get your life in order if you want to. You should set up another time to talk to them!" WOAH! It was incredible. Oh also one more thing, Manel came out to help us ON HIS BIRTHDAY. He is that member that everyone wants in their area. 

We were very busy this week with transfers and Stake Conference.  Stake Conference took up basically all our Saturday and our entire morning on Sunday.  It took place in Barcelona so it was harder to get investigators to but it was very good.  Latest update on Lana, her parents don't want her to come to church however she keeps reading the Book of Mormon and she is currently in the Book of Jacob.  She's doing great.

I invite you all to be that member for the missionaries in your wards at home!  Always be looking for opportunities to share the gospel!!

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