Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 66 - Still in Vilafranca

Well transfers were this week and Elder Male and I are both staying in Vilafranca for at least one more transfer.  Life's good and we keep seeing miracles!! With no time as always I'd just like to share something that I learned this week... 

This week I learned that the little compliments you give to people can make them warm up to you.  For example, the Elder's Quorum President here is a kind of grumpy looking man who says things the way they are.  On Sunday, I noticed he was wearing a very nice looking suit, so I went up to him and asked him where he had bought it because I would like to get one similar to it.  His face lit up and he asked with a big smile, if I really liked his suit!  I responded affirmatively.  He then told me he wasn't sure where it was from because his wife had bought it for him, but that it was some store here in Vilafranca.  It was amazing to see him change his normal stern face into a bright smile.

Just remember that you can make someone's day by just giving them a little compliment!!  Have a great week!  

PS Found out recently that my companion can do imitations of the apostles and prophet's voices super well.

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