Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 15 - The elevator trap and baptizing Jesus?

Wow.  This week has been crazy!  So much has happened!!! Well we'll start with the beginning of the week!  This email is going to be long....
Monday, we got to eat with some members and that is always fun because you get to learn a bunch of new words!!  It's always a blast!
Tuesday, I got to go on my first Intercambio (companion exchange) and because Elder Jennings is a District Leader, I got to go with one of the Zone Leaders!  I went with Elder McDermott to the Poniente area of Palma and worked there for 24 hours.  Elder McDermott is from Utah and went to Alta High School and actually played football with Carson Bodon for those of you who know him...anyway he's such a great missionary!  We had some great lessons and some great contacts that night.
The next morning we woke up, did the normal mission routine, and then went out and contacted and passed by people.  It was fun and interesting as always!  Around 1:30 we went back to their apartment to grab my stuff to make the switch back to our normal companions and as we were going up in their elevator, we got up about 2 and 1/2 floors and stopped.  It was so crazy!  We pressed the alarm/call button and called the people to come get us out and they said somebody would be there in 20 minutes.  Two calls and an hour and a half later the guy finally got there.  It was super funny though because Elder McDermott and I had to sit there in this elevator doing nothing but try to get service on the phone so he could make calls.  It was rather entertaining!  Got out and now I have a decent story.
Anyway moving forward on Thursday we got to hear an area 70 talk about the Book of Mormon and show us proof that it was true based on historical things and the fact that Joseph Smith did not know anything about those things.  It was cool, he was Elder Mendoza and he seemed really nice.
Friday we got to have our quarterly missionary interviews with President Pace, and he is such a great guy!  Hermana Pace showed us the Because of Him video from the church and I would exhort all of you to share the crap out of that video on Facebook and Twitter if you haven't already!  It was such a good video!  Also on Friday everyone from our zone flew in and the Ayudantes (Assistants to the Presidents).  So to make it so everyone could be doing something they sent everyone on intercambios!  Elder Jennings and I got the opportunity to go on companionship exchanges with the Ayudantes!!! Such a cool experience for me only having 3 months in the mission.  Normally only the Zone Leaders go on intercambios with the Ayudantes so that was a cool experience!

Then Saturday rolled around and Elder Evans gave the Zone and Sister Training Leaders a conference that all of the normal missionaries from our Zone got to sit in on!  The Levante (My district) and Poniente Districts sang again and it was wonderful!  Elder Evans gave an interesting conference and I gained some new ideas from it but didn't like the way he presented it too much...but it was still good!

Wow Sunday was insane.  We had the District Conference (equivalent of Stake Conference) on Sunday, and because our District is three islands it made it a bit more interesting.  We had to try to find this random college that it was scheduled in because the Chapel wasn't big enough for everyone.  So we walked for about 40 minutes with our investigators trying to find it.  But it was good in the end.  Kind of awkward because every speaker (including President and Hermana Pace) spoke in Spanish and then they had to translate the talks of Elder and Sister Evans over the pulpit because they were speaking in English...but it made it easier to understand.  After the conference we got transferred a reference from the Poniente Hermanas.  The investigator is a 22 year old kid named Jesus who is GOLDEN.  He has a great belief in God and wants to serve a mission!  He agreed with everything we talked to him about and we went to a member's house for lunch afterward and they talked about basically EVERYTHING with him and he ate it up!!!  Those members were so great!!!  I wish all members would help the missionaries like that!  We basically didn't even have to say anything!  He got a copy of the Book of Mormon on Friday and is already into 2 Nephi!!  I can't wait to baptize him!!  He also can sing really well!  Look up the video "Perdidos en otro lugar" on YouTube and he is the kid singing with the guitar!  He is a STUD!

Well got to go, love you all!  Hope you have a great week!  ¡Cuídense! 
-- Con Amor,
Elder Jonson

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