Friday, January 17, 2014

Week 1 - My First Contact

First off I would like to say that I am typing all of this on a Spanish keyboard, covered with Russian letters...and my that my English is kind of starting to get worse. 
Ok WOW!!!  Life in the MTC is so fantastic here in Madrid!!  I love everything about it and everyone in it!  It is so amazing just being in Spain, let alone the fact that I get to preach the gospel in España!!  Something unique about the Madrid MTC is that on Saturdays we get to go to the GIANT park in the middle of Madrid and try to contact people, give out pass a long cards, and place copies of El Libro de Mormon!  Such an amazing experience!!!
Ok now for the particulars.  For the first two and a half days in the MTC, I didn´t have a companion because Elder Sadler's flight got cancelled.  So I was in a threesme with Elder Ward and Elder Stapleton who are our Zone Leaders.  I got to be companions with Elder Stapleton in the Parke on Saturday.  Anyway my companion Elder Sadler is great!!  He has a fantastic testimony and can do a really accurate and creepy Mickey Mouse voice imitation... I am a District President over the "Alma" District, which is just myself, Elder Sadler, and Hermana Costagliola (Coast-a-lee-o-la) from Italy.  My district is the "Advanced" spanish district, and it is super hard because all of the teachers talk only in Spanish!  I have already learned so much from one week here!!  It is insane!
In my room we have 5 Elders, My self and Elder Sadler, and a threesome of Elders Ward, Nickerl, and Stapleton.  They are so fantastic!!  Elder Stapleton actually lives in the Kilmers ward!! Its crazy how small this world seems at times!  One of my best experiences here so far was getting contact information from a family on the Metro with Elder Stapleton on the way to the Park!  It was the first person we had every tried to even talk to and we (in our extremely broken Spanish) somehow managed to get their contact information!  It was a huge reminder for me that it sure isn't me teaching about the gospel, its the Lord.
Another great experience I had, was going through the Madrid temple.  It is now my favorite temple.  I say that because, one: It´s in Spain, two: It is the most beautiful temple I have ever been in, and three: because of the most amazing feeling I got there.  I love having a temple so close and everytime I go up the stairs from my classes at night to my room, I walk by a window that you can see the temple all lit up through!  It is so beautiful! 
Ok, a less spiritual thing now, almost every day here we have time for actividad física (physical activities) and almost everytime we go jog to this park in Madrid where there is this dug down into the ground, outdoor, ghetto, grafiti everywhere, FUTSAL COURT!!!!  It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!!! It makes me giddy everytime I see it!!  It is so great!!!!  All of the teachers who come play with us are SO good, and all of the other missionaries are actually getting better, but it is a dream come true!! I don't have a picture but I will try to get one and send it next week!
Also in the MTC we have a couple Portugese elders and a sister!  It is so cool, only one speaks english and the others we do a bunch of charades to figure out what they are saying!! Its awesome, also they are really good at soccer!!
Thank you everyone for all of the little sticky notes, they are so great to find throughout all of my luggage and I'm sure I haven't found them all! It reminds me of how much I love each of you! 
Also the food here is great!  I love it, we eat a lot of meat and potatoes here!  But most of all the melon here is divine.  It is like honeydew on steriods!!
Today we get to tour Madrid!  I may even get to see the Real Madrid Stadium, which would be awesome!  It is so great to hear from you all and I love reading your emails. 
In regard to Letters, I currently don´t have any stamps or envelopes but I'm working on that, give me some time.
I hope you all have had a good week, because I sure have!!
Con amor,
Elder Jonson
PS I'm positive I've missed talking about some stuff so if you have any questions feel free to email or write me.  :)

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