Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 88 - Through Small and Simple Things


This week we saw an incredible miracle, we were walking along the road talking with everyone along the way and we weren't having a lot of success. We crossed the street and stopped because my companion Elder Dunn had a rock in his shoe...something simple to quickly do. But in those 5 seconds or so I was looking around at the people and I noticed a lady who was smiling at us walk by. As she was about to cross the street I stopped her and asked her if she had ever met the missionaries before.  She said with a big smile, that she had, that her sister was a member and that her own 13 year old daughter is a less active that we didn't know about! She told us that she had been to the church many times in Peru and loved it but didn't feel the same way here in Spain. And then because my last companion was from Peru I got to talk all about Peru with her and she the invited us over to eat with her next Saturday! I love Peruvian food! It was such a great contact and it all came from a little rock in my companion's shoe! 
In other news today I finally went and saw Sagrada Familia in Barcelona today!
Hope all is well wherever you are reading this from and remember that the Book of Mormon and church are true!


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