Saturday, November 29, 2014

Week 44 - Happy November, Tree, and soccer for conversion?


Well first off I would like to notify you all that we found a 2 meter tall Christmas Tree in our apartment a couple days ago, so needless to say it is now up and has lights and everything on it. Anyway this past week has been so great!!  The other Elders had another double baptism!!  The Lord is blessing them like crazy!! 

This week we got to see a miracle with some kids playing soccer in a plaza.  We were walking along at 9:30 yesterday (Sunday) with a member from the Dominican Republic.  He said, "Hey, we should go talk to those kids. Do either of you know how to play futbol?"  I replied in the affirmative. J I walked over and asked if I could play with the ball for a second or two.  I did a couple tricks and they loved it.  We then started talking to the boys and invited them to play soccer with the Elders Quorum on Thursday at the church.  They sounded interested, so we kept going.  Henry, the member who was with us, asked them if they had any siblings and the most interested kid said yes and ran and grabbed his two sisters who were sitting on the bench with their friends.  They came over and talked to us and one asked us if we knew an Elder Nielsen out of the blue!  We asked where did he serve and she said in Bolivia so we didn't know him.  But, then she began to tell us that she got to Spain 3 months ago and right before she left was about to get BAPTIZED but didn't.  So basically we have a pre-prepared investigator now!!  I'm pumped!! 

Anyway, I have no time as always but I hope you all have a great week!

Cuidaos!  [Take care]

Elder Jonson

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