Thursday, October 2, 2014

Week 38 - Teaching English

Hi everyone well this week has been great!!   We are working in the southern part of Sabadell, a city called Sant Cugat and a city called Cerdanyola for most of the time. We've gotten a couple new investigators and gotten fed a ton by the members here!!!  They are honestly the best!!! 
Sabadell is fantastic.

A lot of the people speak both Spanish and Catalan.  Catalan is basically a mix of English, Spanish, Portugese, French and who knows what.  It is a very deep throated language and so most people's voices here are generally deeper.  In Spanish its Buenos Dias, in Catalan its Bon Dia, or poco a poco (little by little in Spanish) is "poc a poc."  Those are some of the close ones to Spanish that I can remember and use with Catalan people.  I can get the basic idea of what they are saying but I don't understand everything.  I can understand the basic idea in a conversation in both Brasilian Portugeuse and Catalan but can't understand it all or speak it.  

Well for random experience for the week, my companion and I are still trying to get to know our area and so we were looking for a menos activo's house and took a wrong we had to hike through this forest that you can see on the right of the photo.  We were pretty proud of ourselves for making it through, while it was raining mind you and so Elder Ahlstrom posed for picture.  This week has been a blast and I've gotten to already love the members here in Sabadell so much!

Now for the subject line, for this past week we have been really working with Elder Skousen's companion.  Elder Cifuentes is a great Elder from Argentina who has lived in Spain for about 5 years, he has a girlfriend who speaks both English and Spanish but has never really been able to learn English.  Now we are helping him learn english and he's actually getting it!!  Being 18 and 19 year olds we obviously had to teach him so very applicable phrases for after the mission.  My favorite being "I am a lady slayer,"  meaning all the girls are dying to be his boyfriend.  It's been fun, and his English has improved quite a bit!  And I really enjoy helping and serving other missionaries as well as the people of Spain.  

This week I would invite you all to watch conference and take notes.  Then take the notes and things you learned and APPLY them to life.  Rembember OLA (Read, pray and go to church) and to look for opportunities to serve everyone around you.  Always be willing to share the gospel!  Have a great week and enjoy General Conference!
Con Amor,
Elder Jonson
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