Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 30 - BAPTISM!!

Tuesday, 8.5.14
This week has been fantastic!!!  We got to go see some of the ruins here on the island that are from before Christ's time and we got to fly to and from Palma for Zone meetings.  But above all:  WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! 
Here is the excerpt from my letter to the mission president:
This week we had the baptismal service for Margarita! She is so incredible! The way she got in contact with the missionaries was a little bit long but it all started with a contact. Elder Thorpe and I were on an Intercambio (missionary splits) in June and we basically chased down a lady pushing a stroller and got her information. Later, Elder Neumiller(my old companion) and I went back and had a visit with her and taught her the Restoration, she loved it. We tried to get another visit with her but she was always working, and there was very rarely a man in the house so we couldn't enter. Finally, we figured it out, another intercambio rolled around and we were going to be in a trio with Elder Jennings (my trainer.) We went to do the visit and the lady (Dolores) introduced us to her younger sister Margarita. We taught the Plan of Salvation and they both loved it!  We gave Margarita a Book of Mormon and put her on fecha [baptismal date set]. As we continued to pass by[taught] they both accepted everything we taught and two weeks after giving the Book of Mormon to Margarita she was baptized! The testimony Margarita bore at her baptismal service was so splendid. She said that she felt that God was now happy with her and that she felt very happy! She then said that she had felt a part of this happiness two weeks before when she had started reading the Book of Mormon. This experience has reaffirmed one of my favorite phrases: People who read the Book of Mormon, GET BAPTIZED. Menorca is truly an island of miracles!
Margarita is so great!  She is from Equatorial Guinea and she's so incredible. 

In other news, Transfers are today and I'm staying in Menorca.  Elder Dailey [from Tikal’s club soccer team in Lehi] is our new district leader!  He is also training for the first time!  We have another meeting in Palma on Friday even though we had a different one last week.  This one is Specialized Training.  And then to top it off there is a Mini Transfer the 20th.  We've got such a great mission!!

For another fun little story, I'm very proud of three of the young members in this branch.  Jade (11), Ariana (9), and Ario (4) all came to Sacrament Meeting by themselves because their mom (Alejandra) had to work until the third hour.  This family is so incredible!  Everyone here is working like crazy so that when all the tourists go away they'll have money for the winter, it's kind of sad to watch, but people do what's necessary for their families! 

Stay strong in the Church and read the Book of Mormon!!

Con amor,

Elder Jonson


Foto:  Just a nice little area here in Menorca


Con Amor,


Elder Jonson

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